Beautiful Resistance in the Portuguese-speaking World

This month, we’re celebrating the Portuguese edition of our Beautiful Trouble toolkit!

In partnership with Brazil’s Escola de Ativismo, we’re hosting an online workshop for our Portuguese-speaking friends speaking truth to power, whether they be in Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola or anywhere else. (Scroll down for more information in English.)

No dia 24 de outubro, vamos celebrar o lançamento em português da caixa de ferramentas Lindo Levante: faremos uma oficina online com ativistas de países de língua portuguesa, de Brasil a Moçambique. Conecte-se conosco às 11h (horário de Brasília) e junte-se a outras e outros ativistas ao redor do mundo para ouvir histórias e estratégias de resistência criativa e ativismo do Sul Global. A oficina será facilitada por uma integrante da Escola de Ativismo, que colaborou com a tradução da caixa de ferramentas em parceria com outros baderneiros do @BTroublemakers.

Lindo Levante é um livro e caixa de ferramentas online escrito por e para ativistas que estão na linha de frente – principalmente jovens, mulheres, indígenas e outras pessoas que sofrem discriminação por sua orientação sexual, identidade de gênero, etnia, raça, classe ou religião.

Inscreva-se na oficina:

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Tune in October 24 at 11 AM São Paulo time with campaigners from around the world for a webinar featuring the latest in creative activism, hosted by Brazil’s Escola de Ativismo (School of Activism). Escola de Ativismo teamed up with Beautiful Trouble to translate the Beautiful Rising toolkit into Portuguese and make it accessible to the Lusophone community.

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Activists from Brazil, Angola, and Mozambique will be discussing their activism, campaigns that worked, and tactics worth repeating. Joining the workshop from Mozambique is Cidia Chissungo, an activist and advocate for the right to education and access to quality public school who is particularly known as a leader among youth and women. Joining from Angola is Laurinda Gouveia, a human rights defender who has worked to challenge the regime that governed Angola for 36 years. She is also a feminist activist, fighting violence against women and girls and striving to defend their health and reproductive rights.

From Brazil, joining the discussion is Lana Souza, a journalist and resident of Complexo do Alemão (one of the biggest favela neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro), and co-founder of Coletivo Papo Reto, as well as Thiago Jerohan, who is a planner and designer at Bigu Comunicativismo, an ecossocialist and LGBTQ+ activist, and anti-prohibitionist.

Beautiful Rising is a book and online toolbox written by and for front-line activists — particularly youth, women, Indigenous Peoples, and others who face discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, class, race, or religion.

The toolbox has everything you need for a DIY revolution of your own — whatever it is you want to do to effect radical, positive change for your community, this toolkit can help you take it to the next level.

Beautiful Rising showcases some of the most innovative tactics used in struggles against autocracy and austerity across the Global South. Based on face-to-face jam sessions held in Yangon, Amman, Harare, Dhaka, Kampala, and Oaxaca, you can find the collective wisdom of more than a hundred grassroots organizers from five continents collected in one website.

The Beautiful Trouble and Beautiful Rising toolkits are available in English, Spanish, Arabic, too! You can also use it on-the-go, or search for specific tactics or stories, with our multilingual Telegram chatbot (free to download).



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