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Accounts of memorable actions and campaigns, analysing what worked, or didn’t, and why.


Specific forms of creative action, such as a flash mob or blockade.


Time-tested guidelines for how to design successful actions and campaigns.


Big-picture ideas that help us understand how the world works and how we might change it.


Strategic frameworks and hands-on exercises to help you assess your situation and plan your campaign.



Tap the Beautiful Trouble global network of seasoned trainers to up-skill your group in strategic planning, core organizing principles, and creative action design.


Beautiful Action Trainer Modules (BATMo!)

Download this free, multilingual card-based toolkit to plan innovative Nonviolent Action workshops!


Movement Compass

Use this tool to understand the cycle that successful social movements tend to follow and navigate next steps of a campaign.


Beautiful Solutions


Curating the most contagious solutions for a more just and sustainable world.

Assembled by our many movements for our many movements, Beautiful Solutions is an open-source toolbox of collective wisdom to help us create a world in which we have what we need to thrive.


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