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B eautiful
A ction
T rainer
Mo dules 


Presenting BATMo! — an innovative card deck-based toolkit with 11 modules for Nonviolent Action Trainers & Facilitators.

It was designed to support Nonviolent Action (NVA) Trainers in facilitating awesome workshops for groups & individuals striving to be the most effective activists possible.


BATMo! pulls together curated best-in-class resources, including the Beautiful Trouble toolkit + other global resources to help NVA trainers quickly produce agendas and identify training activities for their context.

Who is BATMo! for?

Entry level and experienced trainers, facilitators and educators in the Nonviolent Action, People Power, Civil Resistance field looking for curated materials

For Trainers:

  • 7 Nonviolent Action Modules

  • 4 process Modules

Each module lists specific activities, and those activities have full directions on how to facilitate them.

Each Module + Activity has its own “prompt card” that can be downloaded and printed to help you during a workshop!

Scan the QR code found on each card with your smartphone camera, and you’ll be taken straight to an online page with everything you need to know.


Review nonviolent action history with a group to help them place their strategic choices within a broader history of social movements and powerfully ground the practice of nonviolent action.


Tools to help nonviolent action groups set their campaign or organization’s vision & values or principles to guide more effective planning and implementation of activities.


This module focuses on how to use assessment and analysis — the process of gathering and then proccessing the infromation — as a bridge from developing your vision to developing campaign strategy scenarios.


This chapter bridges the journey from strategic assessment to implementation, with activies to help a group understand the wider picture a& connect it to the concrete actions required to advance a campaign.

This module provides guidance for developing an implementation plan, including identifying specific tactics and the people & resources needed to achieve the goals of a campaign.

This module supports the use of innovative action tactics as a noticeable characteristic of successful campaigns.

Preparing and practicing your options for communicating clearly and handling conflict skillfully will help you build capacity to be more effective facilitators, organizers & activists.


Guiding principles for trainers.

Great energizer activities are useful at different points in a training — to help a group get to know one another, reenergize if they have lost momentum, or spark people to think in new ways if stuck.

Strong groups benefit from good decision-making processes that help each person bring their own experience, understanding & level of motivation into their group dynamic constructively.

Debriefing and evaluation are a key step to help trainers & participants reflect, learn, share and consolidate their learning.

How do I use BATMo! ?

Optional: download and print the free BATMo! card deck.

Printed cards link to online resources via QR codes you can scan with a smartphone.

Start with Module 1*, or go to the Module that addresses your need or interest.

Read the brief introduction and scan the exercises. Read the card for each exercise, and visit its corresponding online informational document for instructions on how to facilitate, including training tips, resources, and alternative comparable activities.

* If you haven’t printed the card deck, click through to each module from the cards on this page.


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