Our New Years’ Re-Solution

At the end of a rough year, it’s a time to honor our losses, and to celebrate the possibility of good things ahead in 2021! 

This year we lost our beloved, visionary Beautiful Solutions co-editor Elandria Williams. As we grieve this monumental loss, we are even more committed to sharing Elandria’s (or “E” as they preferred to be called) powerful and prophetic work. We invite you to join us in celebrating and honoring Elandria by continuing to grow the solutions E knew we needed, wherever you are.

Our new book Beautiful Solutions drops in 2021. Pre-order today!

In E’s words:

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"I am from a people that have risen from the ashes. My people survived beatings, being owned and made currency, having their land and livelihoods stolen. Through it all, they fought for what they needed and wanted. They crafted the solutions they needed to love themselves and each other. My people built black towns, schools, baseball leagues, unions, farms, credit unions, cooperatives, seed banks, mutual aid societies, and minority investment funds. They did this while staying rooted culturally and with faith as a guide, ensuring that they passed on their culture, art and spirit to the generations that came after — like myself. What we’re trying to do with Beautiful Solutions is tap into the collective, ancestral wisdom all around us to help people imagine a different way of doing things. ... Thank you, and let's be, as Grace Lee Boggs would say, solutionaries!”

In this moment of transition, it’s not enough to be against. We must lead with this kind of vision, with the tools to get us there, and with a fierce willingness to fight for what our people want and need.

Pre-order Beautiful Solutions to learn how.

If you pre-order the book or give a donation to Beautiful Trouble before midnight New Year’s Eve, we'll send you a special bonus: the one-of-a-kind, hand-curated, official Beautiful Solutions playlist, delivered right to your inbox!

In 2021, we’re turning toward vision. We’re turning toward the big changes on the horizon in Washington. And as Elandria taught us to do, we’re turning toward Beautiful Solutions!

Yours in possibility,

Rachel, Eli, Nathan & the whole crew at Beautiful Solutions, Beautiful Trouble, New Economy Coalition, PeoplesHub, and Highlander

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