The Beautiful Trouble Toolbox Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said, “Love without power is sentimental and anemic...” So on the heels of this Valentine’s Day, our love letter to you is a toolbox to build people power.

At last (finally!), all the best tools from our books — sourced from frontline activists around the world — are now online, free, and available in five languages!

Watch the preview video here:

Whether you are...

  • An essential worker in Alabama trying to figure out how to call a strike

  • A young activist facing down a coup in Myanmar

  • A professor keen to enliven your social movement history lecture after a year+ of zoom classroom

  • A reporter on deadline needing a definition for "civil disobedience"

  • An election season phone banker wondering what's next now that those calls paid off

  • A doom-scroller hungry for stories of how regular people can change the course of history

...this toolbox is your go-to resource.

When you open the toolbox, what treasures will you find?

These past several months (while also helping to stop a coup) we’ve burned the midnight oil building a website that will better serve our global community. This effort really began ten years ago, when the first edition of Beautiful Trouble was released into the world. Since then the project has criss-crossed the world, spawned sequels and a card deck, trained 15,000 people, and more.

Through it all, you’ve been on our minds and in our hearts—above all, our goal has always been to support our global network of troublemakers and provide you with everything you need to center creativity, levity, and love in your efforts to change the world. 

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